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Periscoping President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration on Selected Issues in Nigerian Newspapers (Published)

This study used content analytical method to examine two selected Nigerian newspapers’ reports on Fuel Subsidy Removal and Reinvestment Programme {SURE-P}; Nigeria’s Governors Forum (NGF) Crisis, Governor Rotimi Amaechi –President Goodluck feud and Obasanjo-President Goodluck feud from January 1, 2013- March 31, 2013 giving a total of 78 issues. The selected newspapers are The Guardian and Vanguard. The findings revealed that three out of the four issues were well reported in the Nigerian press. Fuel subsidy removal and reinvestment was ranked first in terms of favourable coverage, while Nigerian Governors Forum crisis ranked first in terms of unfavourable coverage. Obasanjo-Goodluck feud came second in terms of unfavourable coverage. Majority of the issues were reported as news stories, accounting for 21 (34.6 %) and were placed on the front page which shows that Nigerian press attached importance to national issues. It was recommended that a further study should be carried out using another research method

Keywords: Government, President Goodluck Jonathan, Press, SURE-P