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Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Analysis for Solving Vertical Pumps Structural Weakness (Published)

Pump stations are generally exposed to various mechanical and structural problems causing vibration affecting efficiency, performance, reliability life, and maintenance cost.  In this research, Vibration problem of Helwan Irrigation Pumping Station is studied and analyzed to define vibration sources leading to damaging the foundation of most pumps in the station. A finite element model of Helwan Irrigation Pumping Station was built. Vibration level and frequency analysis are measured on the machinery parts and on the foundations of the pumping station at different locations to overcome the high level of vibration, solve the resonance problem, determine the source of vibration, and the path of vibration transmission to the foundation. The level of vibration measured 16.4 mm/sec at (MNDE-H).  Frequency analysis shows that there is resonance problem. The model suggests different scenarios to solve the structural problem and overcome the resonance.  Applying the different scenarios and measurements are repeated until the problem disappeared where the level of vibration is in the range of 3.9 mm/sec (allowable). The Rresults point out that adding supports to weak motor foundation enhance the dynamic characteristics and keeping the pumping stations in smooth running conditions. Inspection and regular maintenance is important to avoid any abnormal conditions.

Keywords: Dynamic Performance, Pump Vibration, Support Weakness