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Supply Chain Innovation and Performance of Manufacturing Companies (Published)

Challenges emerging from globalization, rising cost, and the need to be responsive to customers are confronting todays supply chain. As such empirical studies on supply chain innovation are crucial for theory and practice. However, literature on supply chain innovation is quite scarce. The aim of this study is to examine the impact of supply chain innovation on supply chain performance of manufacturing companies. The study was based on cross-sectional survey of 286 manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Cluster and stratified random sampling were employed and self-administered to the selected companies. Data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (Amos). Results suggest that supply chain innovation has significant relationship with supply chain performance. Theoretically, the study is the first to conceptualize technologies, collaborative processes, top management support, and innovation capability as indicators of supply chain innovation. Practically, the study provides guidelines for managers on manufacturing companies on strategies to pursue innovation in the supply chain. Limitations and suggestions for further studies were subsequently provided.

Keywords: Innovation Capability, Supply Chain Innovation, Supply Chain Technology, Supply chain collaboration, Supply chain performance, Top Management Support