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Analysing Effects of Firm Resources and Relationship on Supply Chain Reliability (Published)

To remain competitive, every business must secure its supply base. Supply chain reliability is one of the emerging sectors in which companies need to invest in making sure nothing within or outside the supply chain will cause any disruptions given the unforeseeable occurrences. The researcher analyzed the relationship between firms’ resources and the reliability of their supply chain. Companies worldwide were hit by the outbreak of the Covid-19, which virtually brought the world’s businesses to a halt. The researcher saw that as a gap that needed investigation on analyzing the effects of firm resources and relationships on supply chain reliability. Dynamic capability theory was employed to model the work where related literature was reviewed to ascertain the depth of work done so far in the supply chain and firms’ resources relationship in line with sustainability in the supply chain management. A quantitative design was instituted to conduct the study using a multiple linear regression model to give estimations and discussions as well as results. A sample size of 100 was randomly selected to respond to the data collection and analysis test items.  At a 5% significance level, the study found that company resources positively affect supply chain resilience/reliability. According to the study, the dynamic capability has a favorable impact on supply chain reliability, although it is statistically insignificant at the 5% level. Although there was a positive association between firm resources and supply chain reliability, it was weak. Finally, at a 5% level, the role of firm resources has a substantial positive effect on supply chain reliability.


Keywords: (DC), Dynamic, capability, supply chain reliability / resource (SCRE)