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Religious Perceptions of Suicide and Implication for Suicidiology Advocacy in Nigeria (Published)

The role of religion in contemporary suicide advocacy cannot be overemphasized. Suicide, in most cases had lent itself to multidisciplinary considerations, although before now has been largely scientific. This includes a combination of psychology, medicine, psychiatry, biomedicine, psychobiology, neurology, medical sociology and others. In most situations, religion, philosophy of religion and philosophy have not been given the rightful place in suicide consideration. This approach could be seen clearly as a negative oversight. The goal of this paper is to examine some common religious perceptions, and consequently apply such in the quest for suicidiology advocacy. The paper applied religious, philosophical, historical and sociological research methodology. It is recommended that a clear understanding of some common religious perceptions of suicide would engender an aggressive drive towards suicidiology advocacy. Consequently, there would be a reduction in the level of suicide behaviour or complete suicide.

Keywords: Implication, Religious perception, Suicide, Suicidology advocacy