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Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Suicidal Tendencies, Among Undergraduates Students of University of Benin (Published)

This study examined the interplay between emotional intelligence and suicidal tendencies among undergraduates of University of Benin. A non-experimental research design was employed, namely a correlational survey research design. Data were collected from a sample size of 396, utilizing the proportional sampling technique. The instrument used was a structured questionnaire, which comprised of two sections, section A was used for collecting demographic characteristics of the respondents and sections B and C was used for testing variables of interest which were tested. Reliability test was conducted by employing Cronbach’s alpha, which yielded a coefficient alpha value of 0.85. Findings showed that there was no significant relationship between emotional intelligence and suicidal tendencies among undergraduates @ r=0.014, p=0.785. The study also revealed no relationship between self-awareness and suicidal tendencies @ r= 0.003 but however revealed a weak direct relationship between self-regulation and suicidal tendencies @ r= 0.072, p= 0.154. The study therefore recommended, among others, that major stakeholders such as school administrators, lecturers and parents should keep in mind that the students are vulnerable to suicidal tendencies and as such should show more understanding towards students’ plight and be less judgmental.


Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, negative emotions, self-regulation, suicidal tendencies, university undergraduates