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Corpus-Based Research on Stylistic Features of English Abstract in Postgraduates’ Thesis of Fashion Majors (Published)

English abstract is a highly condensed article with the accurate summarization. English Abstract writing ability of theses is a must for postgraduates of fashion majors. This paper analyzes the stylistic features of English abstract in postgraduates’ thesis of fashion majors in terms of stylistic move structure with the English abstract corpus of English-speaking scholars in fashion fields as the reference corpus. The research result indicates that move structure in English abstract for Chinese postgraduates of fashion majors is less complete than that of English-speaking researchers. Compared to the frequency of each move in the abstract from the English-speaking scholars, the frequency of background move in abstract is higher while the methodology move is lower, couple with the serious absence or omission of some moves. This research would be of great implication to improving the academic writing ability of the postgraduates of fashion majors by providing postgraduate teaching reform with the necessary data evidence.

Keywords: English Abstract, Move Structure, Postgraduates’ Thesis for Fashion-Major, Stylistic Features