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Characteristics of English Teachers as Motivative Factor on Reading Performance among Private and Public Secondary Schools in Kano Metropolise (Published)

This study examined the relationship among English Teachers’ academic qualification. Professional qualification, their content knowledge and work value. English Teachers’ attendance and job satisfaction on academic performance of secondary school students in private and public secondary schools in Kano metropolis. The study adopted a descriptive research design of correlation type. The secondary school English Teachers in private and public secondary schools in Kano metropolis were selected using multi-stage sampling technique and 342 teachers were selected at random using balloting for the study. Out of 2456 teachers teaching in the Kano metropolis. Questionnaire termed English Teachers’ Characteristics on Reading Performance Questionnaire (ETCRPQ). Two research questions and hypotheses were answered in the study. Based on the results of this study, the following findings were arrived at; English Teachers’ variables in general influence student’s reading performance in a number of ways in private and public schools. Based on the findings of study the following recommendations are proposed to relevant educational authorities and other stakeholders in education: English Teachers variables should be considered in the recruitment of staff in the senior secondary schools. The ministry of Education should organize regular professional development programmes for English Teachers.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Characteristics, secondary school students, students reading performance