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Assessing University Students’ Skill Acquisition for Employability in Cross River State (Published)

This study assessed the level of university students’ skill acquisition for employability in Cross River State. Two hypotheses were isolated to give direction to the investigation. Research survey design was adopted for the study. The sample size of 300 students were drawn from a population of 2,998 final year students from the two universities using stratified random sampling technique. Data collection was carried out with researchers constructed instrument titled “University Students’ Skill Acquisition for Employability Questionnaire (USSAEQ)”. Population t-test of one sample mean and independent t-test statistical techniques were used to analyzed the data collected through the instrument. Results obtained showed that the level of university students skill acquisition for employability is significantly low. Conventional university students do not differ significantly from those in specialized university in their skill acquisition for employability. It was concluded that university students’ skill acquisition for employment is significantly low. Recommendations were made that university students in Cross River State should be equipped with sufficient employability skills.

Keywords: Skill Acquisition, Students’ Employability, University