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Apatheia and Eupatheia- A Framework to Deal with Academic Anxiety (Published)

In academic institutions, worries about students’ welfare have become more prevalent in recent years. Universities and educational institutions are currently searching for novel ways to support their students on a range of levels, including scholastic, emotional, and mental. One way to approach this issue is to examine the academic concepts of apatheia and eupatheia from classical Greek philosophy. Apatheia is a word used to describe the absence of emotional turbulence or passion. On the other side, eupatheia describes joy, love, and contentment as positive feelings. Students can achieve a healthier and more stable mental state by balancing these two ideas. Apatheia can assist students in maintaining their concentration and preventing distractions from unfavorable emotions like stress and anxiety in scholastic situations. Eupatheia, on the other hand, can support good mental health and assist students in feeling a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Educational institutions can use a variety of tactics to strike this balance. These might include encouraging students to develop healthy coping skills, incorporating mindfulness techniques, and fostering a positive learning environment.

Citation: Husain F. (2023) Apatheia and Eupatheia- A Framework to Deal with Academic Anxiety, British Journal of Education, Vol.11, Issue 3, 6475

Keywords: academic anxiety, apatheia, emotional balance, eupatheia, student well-being