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The Influence of Strontium On the Hardness and Impact Strength of Eutectic Al-Si+1.0% Manganese Alloy (Published)

This paper studies the effect of strontium on the hardness and impact strength of aluminium-1.0%manganese-12%Si alloy. Aluminum and its alloys are gaining a wider industrial importance because of their physical and mechanical properties which includes high specific strength, high wear resistance, high temperature strength and controlled thermal expansion coefficient. In this research, strontium was added at various compositions to the percentage of silicon present in the alloys (12% of Si; 0.02-0.03% of Sr) and 1.0% manganese which serves as a modifying agent). A calculated mass of the aluminum and silicon were melted and cast as cylindrical ingots. Hardness and impact test were carried out using charpy impact test machine for impact test and Rockwell hardness testing machine (ASTM E18-11) used to measure the hardness test. The results showed that the addition of strontium to eutectic Al-Si alloy modifies the Al-Si eutectic morphology with significant improvement in mechanical properties of the alloy.

Keywords: Hardness., Impact Strength, aluminum alloy, eutectic alloy, strontium