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Boko Haram Insurgency: Perceived Stress, Type of Stressors and Coping Techniques amongst Internally Displaced Persons at the Selected Camps in Nigeria Federal Capital Territory Abuja (Published)

Nigerian has had a long and unfortunate history of communal conflicts and ethno-religious violence, the recent of which is the escalation of Boko Haram activities and attacks in 2013. Many people were maimed, killed and rendered homeless leading to looking for succor in the camps. The research adopted cross-sectional descriptive design, multistage sampling technique was used in selecting the camps and samples having used Taro Yamane sample size determination formula. Three hundred and eighty seven (387) respondents were selected out of which only three hundred and fifty six (356) returned their administered questionnaire. Five (5) research questions were answered and five (5) null hpothesses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The instruments for the study were generated from three standardized inventory which are stress inventory, family systems stressor-strength inventory and life event inventory. The face validity and reliability of instruments were determined. Percentages, means scores and chi-square were used to analyze. The results on the demographic characteristics of respondents showed that 153 (43%) were males while 203 (57%) were female; there mean age was 31.3. 62.6% were Christians and 55.3 were marred 40.7% were employed while only 10.2% were not educated. All respondents showed various degrees of stress ranging from mild to severe. The highest psychosocial stressor was financial strain and accommodation away from home while the health related stressor was sleeping difficulties. More than half of respondents (56.2%) adopted emotion focused coping while 43.8% adopted problems focused coping. Religion was found to be significantly associated with the level of stress. Gender was significantly associated with the coping styles, It was concluded that youth radicalization should be addressed. The health of the people in the camps should be given a priority by establishing health centers in the various camps and should be managed by qualified health personnel.

Keywords: Boko Haram, Insurgency, Stress, Stressors, refugees

Stress Management among Married Adult Learners in the Work and Study Programme of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the causes of stress for adult learners in the Work and Study programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.  Specifically the study assessed the extent to which family expectations societal expectations, crowded classrooms, short period of study and lack of committed teachers cause stress for adult learners in the work and study programme. The population for this study consisted of all the adult learners in the Work and Study programme in the Faculty of Education numbering 630, while the sample size was 140. Five research questions guided the study. The instrument for data collection was a researcher made instrument named Adult Learners’ Stressors Assessment Scale (ALSAS) which is a four – point modified Likert scale with four clusters (A – D) and 25 items. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The findings of the study revealed that the adult learners in Ebonyi State University in the Work and Study programme are stressed by family expectations, societal expectations, and the shortness of the period under which they have to cover the whole work meant for their programme.  To them, the teachers or the crowded classrooms do not constitute stress. Recommendations were also made for example that they should accept counselling for stress management strategies

Keywords: Adult Learners, Stress, Stressors, work and study


This study examined the relationship between Job related stressors and instructional role performance of radio communication teachers in Technical Colleges in South-South Nigeria. To achieve this purpose three specific objectives, and three research hypotheses were raised. The population of the study consisted of 30 principals 74 vice principals and 104 Radio Communication teachers in all the 30 Technical Colleges in South-South Nigeria. All the subjects in the population were purposively used for the study. Data collection was done with the use of two instruments called “Job Related Stressors of Radio Communication Teachers Questionnaire (JRSRCTQ) “and Role Performance of Radio Communication Teachers Questionnaire (RPRCTQ)”. The Pearson-Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) statistic was used in testing of hypotheses at .05 alpha level. The instruments were validated by research experts in the faculty of Education University of Uyo. The instruments were subjected to Cron-bach alpha reliability estimate, the result of the analysis yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.85 for JRSRCTQ and 0.82 for RPRCTQ. Based on the findings of this study, it was concluded that the instructional role performance of radio communication teachers in technical colleges in South-South Nigeria was unsatisfactory. It was recommended that the Federal Ministry of Education should provide adequate instructional space in all Technical Colleges to facilitate effective learning and conducive working environment.

Keywords: Performance, Role, South-South, Stressors, Technical College


The study assesses strategies for managing work related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Employees who are under stress in work may cost a lot of money and time for the organisation. Excessive work-related stress can harm the physical and emotional well-being of the employees. The study design was a survey. It assesses strategies for managing work-related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Primary data was gathered from thirty (30) employees of the bank. The data for this study was collected using questionnaires. Convenience sampling method was used for the employees. To effectively complete the analysis of the data, descriptive analytical tools like tables and percentages were used to analyse the data. The findings of this study revealed that the banking profession was stressful. It was found that majority of the respondents associated pressure with stress at work. The outcome showed that employees practiced relaxation techniques to cope with, or prevent stress and anxiety. The results showed that employees felt stressed because of long working hours. It is recommended that stress awareness programmes should be instituted to build knowledge and awareness of stress. Awareness sessions should be conducted in a non-threatening environment and shoukd provide employees with current information on the nature, signs, causes and symptoms of stress

Keywords: Employment, Job, Management, Schedule, Strategies., Stressors