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Tensile Relaxation Behavior for Multi Layers Fiberglass Fabric-Epoxy Composite (Published)

In this paper, a tensile relaxation behavior of fiberglass fabric/epoxy composites were evaluated. The effect of stress relaxation temperature compared with room temperature were investigated. Fiberglass fabric layers at different volume fraction were studied. The Maxwell model was used to predict a material’s response under different loading conditions. Relaxation time constant was determined at different volume fraction and at different relaxation temperature. It was found that, the relaxation time is highly increased with increasing the fiberglass volume fraction. In addition, the number of relaxation cycles (load/reload) is increased with increased the fiberglass volume fraction. The relaxation time decreased dramatically by increasing the relaxation temperature from room temperature to 60 °C. The material relaxation time constant is strongly affected by both the relaxation temperature and the volume fraction of the fiberglass

Keywords: Relaxation modulus, Relaxation., Stress relaxation, Viscoelasticity models