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Impact of Covid-19 on Nigeria Hospitality Workers: Risk Perception and Depression (Published)

Covid-19 pandemic has done more harm than good to hospitality sector globally. It crippled all hospitality activities in many countries especially the moment government of many countries restricted social gathering and travels in a bid to curtail the spread of the pandemic. The moment the directive was enforced in Nigeria; hospitality sector began to experience the worst period in their business. Since no official adequate support from the Nigerian government to the hospitality sector to cushion the effect of the covid-19 on the sector, hospitality owners and administrators had no other option than to either sack, suspend, reduced pay, reduced working days or out rightly refuse to pay salary to their workers throughout the period. With all these predicaments, Many Nigerian hospitality workers either stay at home without income or work without pay. The worst part of it was that despite been at home without income or proper support from their organization, family responsibilities like child and relatives cares never stops. All these negative incidences could aggravate pains and mental stress on Nigeria hospitality workers which could cause depressive symptoms. The research aims at examining the impact of covid-19 on Nigeria hospitality workers; risk perception and depression. Theories CID induced stress and transactional theory of stress and coping are linked to the study which analyses stress and depressive symptoms on Nigeria hospitality workers during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown and what could have buffered the risk perception and mental stress on the Nigeria hospitality workers are discussed in the research too. The research aims at analyzing the true impact of covid-19 pandemic on Nigeria hospitality workers.  Finally, recommendations on how to support and encourage Nigeria hospitality workers during future pandemic and crisis are discussed.

Matthew Oko Obinna (2021) Impact of Covid-19 on Nigeria Hospitality Workers; Risk Perception and Depression, European Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Vol.9, No.4, pp.,29-42

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, family responsibilities, mental depression., perceived Covid-19 Risk, stress and depressive symptoms, stress and mental health, work domain