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The Strategic Purposes of the Post-9/11 US Foreign Aid to Pakistan and Its Impacts (Published)

This paper investigates why donor countries/institutions provide foreign aid to South Asian countries, in particular, US foreign aid to Pakistan, and how foreign aids impacts on internal politics of a recipient country based on donor’s development strategy, and how US foreign aid on counterterrorism policies in Pakistan. This study also focused on examining how US foreign aid policy changed and shifted towards South Asia after 9/11 terrorist attacks on USA, and how South Asia became a primary recipient of US foreign aid. This study explored that foreign aid’s primary focus was military and security-oriented objectives instead of economic development in the recipient country. Additionally, the investigation also revealed that US foreign aid also affected Pakistan’s internal politics as it allocated more support to security-oriented purposes to strengthen military rule in the political economy to reduce the effects of terrorism in Pakistan. However, Pakistan faced greater economic destruction and human losses after joining the US alliance for “War on Terror.”

Keywords: Aid Philosophy, Pakistan, Security and economic aid, Strategic Tool, US, the war on terror


“Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than sales power- Philips Kotler”. The impact of competition in the business environment has compelled many organizations to turn around and start scanning the environment for information, so as to have competitive edge over other similar organization within the industry. Organization have to embark on efficient and effective marketing intelligence in order to maintain their competitive position in the industry in light of this, the study attempts to investigate how marketing information system could help in achieving or attaining competitive edge. To address these problems of competition, marketing intelligence and the adoption of suitable marketing intelligence system for an organization becomes imperative

Keywords: : Marketing Intelligence, Competitive Edge, Strategic Tool