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On some stochastic growth models with applications (Published)

In this paper, we consider some stochastic dynamical systems.The stochastic processes related to these models are some different kinds of tumor cancer cells. The growth and diffusion of brain tumor cancer is also studied by using a non-linear stochastic diffusion model. The considered models are generalization of some deterministic models. In the frame of these stochastic models we are able to study the growth models for tumor cells under the influence of random perturbations. In general mathematical models help to predict the tumour size and optimize the treatment procedure in deteministic form, there are several models including exponential, dynamical systems, logistic, nonlinear diffusion equations that have been used to describe the behaviour of cancer cell growth amd proliferation. By using the stochastic analysis and the Adomian method we can study more general models.

Keywords: adomian method, ito integrals, stochastic diffusion processes, stochastic dynamical systems, tumor cancer cells