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Detection and Characterization of Saponins in Some Indigenous Plants Using Uv, Ftir And Xrd Spectroscopy (Published)

Detection, evaluation and characterization of steroidal saponins extracted from wild yam, yellow yam and ginger were carried out using the UV, FTIR and XRD spectroscopy.  Air dried samples from the local plants were ground and sieved to smoothness with 250µm sieve to achieve constant particle size. Methanol and ethanol were used differently as the extraction solvent. The FTIR spectra were collected using Potassium bromide powder which was mixed with the extracted powdered samples and compressed to a thin potassium bromide (KBr) pellet. The resulting signal at the detector presented unique spectral, typically from 4000 to 650cm-1, representing the diagnostic (functional group) region and the fingerprint region of the samples. The outcome of the spectra demonstrated characteristic steroidal absorption peaks of the functional groups OH, C=H, C=O, C=C. The glycoside linkages to the aglycone or sapogenin were indicated by the absorptions of C-O. The UV absorbance of saponin extract from yellow yam had two peaks, the main peak absorbance at 369nm and shoulder peak at 450nm. The UV absorbance of saponin extracts from wild yam and ginger had main peaks at 367nm and 369nm and shoulder peaks were at 455nm and 466nm respectively. Results of the UV analysis of the various samples suggested the presence of steroidal saponins. The XRD analysis performed showed that the samples were a group of amorphous colloidal glycosides. The different analyses indicated that detection and characterization of steroidal saponins are feasible with UV analysis, infrared and XRD spectroscopy.

Citation: Emmanuel E. Aluola , Samuel E. Ogbeide , Kess O. Obahiagbon  (2021) Detection and Characterization of Saponins in Some Indigenous Plants Using Uv, Ftir, and Xrd Spectroscopy, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Studies, Vol. 9, No.3, pp.1-19



Keywords: Aglycone, Colloidal glycosides, Molecular fingerprints, Steroidal