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Investigating Factors to be Considered for Successful STEM Integration Education in Ghana (Published)

The purpose of the study was to investigate into the main factors to consider for successful STEM integration education as Ghana decides to incorporate STEM education into its educational curriculum. The study used concurrent mixed method as the study design and purposive and snowball sampling to sample thirteen (13) stakeholders for the study. The instruments used for the data collection were questionnaire items for the quantitative part and a semi-structured interview for the qualitative part. All thirteen respondents answered the questionnaire whereas 12 respondents availed themselves for the interview. The data gathered were analysed separately yet concurrently. The findings reveal that for a successful STEM education in Ghana there is a need to look at capacity building of teachers which is paramount, interest of students, etc. The study recommends that the Ghana Education Service must ensure that well qualified STEM teachers are recruited into our schools. Heads of institutions must ensure there is continuous professional development of their teachers.

Keywords: STEM Education, STEM integration, educational curriculum. main factors, successful STEM education