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Analysing the Effects of Steel Fibres in Concrete Paving Blocks (Published)

Concrete paving blocks are ideal construction materials that are readily seen in our surroundings. They are used in private and public sectors like gardens, walkways, warehouses and even vehicular traffic areas. The production of a unit paving block sample requires about 210kg/m3 of cement which in a long run affects both health and the environment due to carbon dioxide emitted from cement production. To mitigate this problem, engineers have sought to reduce the amount of cements used in paving blocks and still produce block that will meet up with the required standards through the addition of steel fibres to the blocks. Steel fibres improves the property of concrete blocks, thus, this research work considers improving on the tensile strength of paving block through the addition of steel fibres. The steel fibres used in the research are the CAR19CDM-010 and CAR13CDM-006 fibres. Steel fibres at varying percentage dosage by weight of sample mix were incorporated into the sample and were compared against the control mix not having fibres in them after the curing age of 7 and 28days.It was observed that block samples had noteworthy early strength increment after 7days but not much increase in strength was observed after 28days curing age

Citation: Arube G.E., Akosubo I.S.,  and Damini R. G. (2021) Analysing the Effects of Steel Fibres in Concrete Paving Blocks, International Journal of Civil Engineering, Construction and Estate Management, Vol.9, No.2, pp.38-51,

Keywords: Carbon Dioxide, Concrete block paving, Steel fibre reinforced concrete, fibre reinforced concrete