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Embryo Selection: The place of Time-lapse in sub-Saharan Africa setting (Published)

In the last two decades, IVF has rapidly evolved in sub-Saharan Africa, and has become the mainstay treatment modality for significant number of infertile couples. As in other parts of the world, implantation failure has remained the bane of successful outcome. To circumvent the challenge, routine grading of the embryo to determine its implantation potential is been practiced in most IVF Centre’s. However, the conventional static observation of the embryo morphology is weakly predictive and associated with altering the condition of the culture system. As a result, an emerging technology Time-Lapse has been developed. It has the advantage of assessing the embryo’s morphokinetic and enhance the probability of selecting of Euploid embryo without altering the condition of the culture system. Despite these perceived advantages, its optimal benefits may be dependent on the culture methodology adapted by the various IVF clinic. Time-Lapse safety profile has been established and may serve as a veritable tool towards improving embryo selection and IVF success rate.

Keywords: Embryo, Morphokinetic, Time-Lapse, static observation