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Small Business and Start-Up Capital: Grilling the Flora and Configuration of the Financial Capital for a Viable Small Business (Published)

The term finance or financing is comprehensively stared as a kernel and a ‘key’ gizmo that is obligatory for the evolution and functionality of any enterprise. Accessing the appropriate kind of financing in accord to the enterprise’s need is more essential for its survival. However, access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has always been difficult to owners and also, a serious apprehension especially among researchers. Meanwhile, it is on the note that very many small business sector offer support to Nigerian economy by providing employment opportunity to most citizens who in turn improves standard of living. But, in spite of this importance, most of these small businesses collapse within the first five years of operation yet the agencies established by Nigerian Government to offer support to this sector are confronted with difficulties in accessing the finance from financial institutes. Keeping in view the importance of SMEs, this paper grilling the flora and configuration of the financial capital for viable small business is to widen the understanding on the existing financing opportunities available to SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Finance, Market, Small and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), start-up capital