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Minimum Standards and Accountability in Colleges of Education in Nigeria (Published)

This paper discussed issues of minimum standards and accountability in colleges of education system in Nigeria. Minimum standards in education system have been a critical issue since 1970 after the government take-over of schools from voluntary agencies. The issue needs to be addressed include: proliferation of educational institutions, varied mode of instructional delivery, non-observation of admission policy, increased examination malpractices, frequent strike actions and other disruptions that water down standards in education. These necessitated the researchers to examine the existing Minimum Standard in colleges of Education in Nigeria for the purpose of instilling uniformity in the system. The study x-rayed accountability and the degree of excellence towards the achievement of the goals of the National Commission for Colleges of Education in Nigeria. The paper highlighted problems and prospects of the commission and how to improve standards through the Governing Council and Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria

Keywords: Accountability, Minimum Standards, Policy, Quality control, Standards in Education