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Characterization of Spatial Variability of Some Physiochemical Soil Properties of Mesopotamian Plain Soils (Published)

The present study is conducted to characterize the spatial variability of some soil physio-chemical properties (sand, silt, clay, pH ,ECe ,CEC ,Esp ,O.M and CaCO3) for selected soil series from Mid-Mesopotamian plain. Five soil series were recognized(MM5,MP5.Dw45,DF97,and DP45).Descriptive statistics were used including(Min., Max., Mean, Standard deviation , coefficient of variation, Skewness and kurtosis) .The results showed that, soils was differing significantly (ρ≤ 0.05) in all studied physio- chemical properties except for and CaCO3.In addition, soils exhibited moderate to high spatial variability in the horizontal scale (cv=21.528-78.327%) in sand and OM respectively except in pH and O.M was of low spatial variability(CV=2.840-8.402%) respectively .Also, soils showed moderate to high vertical spatial variability in their physio-chemical properties ( cv=16.949-88.337%) in sand and clay particles in MP5 and DW45 soil series respectively .On the other hand they showed low and high vertical spatial variability (CV=1.223-102.415%) in pH and O.M of DP45 and MP5 soil series respectively .Accordingly we see that, soil spatial variability must be studied thoroughly for precise soil management and accurate soil sampling system for taking effective management decisions that leads to sustainable agricultural production.

Keywords: Alluvial Soils., Coefficient of Variation, Geomorphic Processes, Pedogenic Process, Skewness, Spatial Variability, Standard Deviation