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Stakeholders Involvement In Change Management At Kenya Power And Lighting Company Limited (Published)

KPLC has over the years adopted significant changes such as introduction of the prepaid metering, the E billing and E payment system, introduction of Feeder Management Programmes, introduction of E -leave, rotation of jobs, upgrading systems network and company servers, installation of GPS in newly bought cars and outsourcing of non-key activities such as installations of transformers. The study adopted a descriptive study design. Interview schedules were the main instrument under the study. The stakeholders were involved in a feeder management programme whose approach entails assignment of the 638 feeders across the country to specific engineers and their teams. The study found that the stakeholders in KPLC were involved through giving their feedback to the management on the change process and developing of sound procedures necessary to ensure that the changes are effective. The stakeholders were also involved in the piloting phase before the change is rolled out and in giving their views and feedback through meetings. The study however established that there was no involvement of staff in the design phase of the change process. It was concluded that there was good involvement of stakeholders in the execution of change process but poor involvement of stakeholders in the design process of change. For this reason the study recommended KPLC should involve the stakeholders in all aspects of the change management process, more so in the design of the change process and that the change process in KPLC should be documented for reference in future and to assist the organization use the information to improve future change processes

Keywords: Change Management, Kenya Power Company, Stakeholders’ Involvement