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Meaning of Life and the Use of Social Networks in three Stages of Development (Published)

Social networks have taken a prominent role allowing the human being to enter a cyberculture and interact with his peers and relatives, bringing with him a possible impact on his relationship with others in the search for belonging, fullness, wish for happiness and hence, a sense of meaning in life. Due to that, the current research aimed to analyze the meaning of life and the use of social networks among the inhabitants of the City of Campeche in three different stages of development, this research is quantitative with a transversal design and a correlational scope. The sample was selected by quota: 500 inhabitants of the City of Campeche. A “use of social networks” questionnaire was created with a Cronbach’s Alpha of .803 and the Purpose in Life Test (PIL) was the instrument used. The data was analyzed with the SPPSS v25 data analysis program. Obtaining as main results the existence of a significant relation (p<0.05) between the meaning of life and the use of social networks. As the use of social networks increases, the meaning of life decreases and as the use of social networks decreases an increase in the meaning of life happens.


Keywords: Existence, Meaning Of Life, Social Networks, stages of development