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Causes and Effects of Marital Conflict in Agbado Oke Odo and Ifako Ijaye Local Council Development Areas in Lagos State (Published)

Marital conflict is a serious issue in many families across the world. Many families have disintegrated and some couples live as if they are strangers because of persistent and unresolved conflicts. Nevertheless conflict and how they are responded to determine whether it will have positive outcome which will give couples marital fulfillment and satisfaction or negative outcome. This study attempts to explore causes and consequence of spousal conflict as well as conflict response styles employed by married male and female in Agbado Oke-Odo and Ifako Ijaiye Local Council Development Area in Lagos State. Both quantitative and qualitatative methods were used in collection and analyses of data. Convenience sampling was also used. The results showed that marital conflict is common to all families. The sources of marital conflict as evident in this study include but not limited to infidelity, sex, and distribution of house chores as well as spouse’s unemployment. It was also discovered that most husbands and wives minimize or stop communicating to each other when they are in conflict. In addition children’s need also suffers. The study recommends that couples seek the help of a counselor when they have issues they cannot by themselves resolve and managing conflict in a way that benefits both partners.

Keywords: Conflict, conflict response style, spousal conflict