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An Assessment of Sport Facilities in Senior High Schools and Their Effects on Sports Development in the Tano North and South Districts of Ghana (Published)

The study was conducted to assess and evaluate the state of sports facilities and their effects on sports development at the Senior High School (SHS) in the Tano North and South Districts in Brong Ahafo region, Ghana. Three Hundred (300) final year students were selected using stratified and simple random sampling techniques from a population of one thousand (1000). Census study was used to select all 13 PE teachers in the six SHS chosen for the study. The research design used was descriptive survey method. The instruments used were interviews, observation and questionnaire. Data was analysed using chi- square (x2) to test the hypotheses and find the relationship between availability of sports facilities and sports performance at a significance level of 0.05. The findings revealed that the study fails to accept the hypotheses that there is no significant relationship between sports performance and provision of sports facilities. Both teachers and students accepted in the study that there is a significant effect of availability of sports facilities on sports performance and also agreed that existing facilities are not properly maintained. It was revealed that sports facilities in the various schools were not adequate for their PE subject requirement. Other findings are that most of the facilities have paths and passages across them since people use them as routes to their destinations, for celebrations and other activities. Generally, the study has revealed that sports facilities in the Tano North and South were inadequate and have significant effect on sport performance. It is recommended that administrators and other stakeholders invest in sports facilities to beef up sports performance.      

Keywords: Assessment, Sports Development, Sports Facilities, Sports performance, Tano North and South Districts.

Marketing Tools for Sports Management and Development in Universities (Published)

The university system is a fertile ground for identification, management, and development of sports talents for sports industry. Every industry including sports industry produces and offers products and services to the society. Sports products and services are produced by sportspersons for sports consumers, and this contributes to the socio-economic, political, infrastructural and cultural development of sports in the university and society at large, if well managed and marketed. Sports in universities can be managed and developed using marketing tools such as sponsorship, advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, packaging, branding, merchandising, labeling, personal selling, direct marketing and warranty. The relevance and applicability of these marketing tools to sports management and development have been highlighted. It was recommended that sports marketing tools should be employed by universities for their sports management and developmental efforts and programmes. Experts in sports marketing and management should be integrated into the running of sports in universities. There should be collaboration between practitioners of sports and marketing professions to see how best sports can be marketed to consumers using different marketing tools. Researches on marketing and promotional tools with the aim of discovering more marketing tools and their applicability to sports should be encouraged.

Keywords: Marketing, Sports Development, Sports Management, University