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The Moderating Role of Biographic Variables on the Attitudes of Students towards Sport at Botho University (Published)

The purpose of this study was to show how biographic variables that include gender, age and level of study moderate a student’s attitude towards sport. A number of studies have been conducted on the influence of biographic variables the world over but none had been conducted at Botho University (BU) to examine the attitude of students towards sport in relation to these variables hence the current study. The study used 237 students across different levels of education from first years to final fourth year students. A structured questionnaire that employed a 5-point Likert scale was used for data collection. Results were analysed using SPSS version 21. Results of the study showed that across gender and education levels, students had a positive attitude towards sport. However, results also showed that age had a significant influence on the attitude of students towards sport as older students showed low levels/negative attitudes to sport than younger students.

Keywords: Attitudes, Beliefs, Biographic Variables, Interest, Sport


In this study, we investigate the effects of sport and different variables on decision making strategies of disabled individuals. Total of 371 disabled individuals, 136 female and 235 male, who reside in different regions of Turkey, participated in the research. Decision Strategy Scale, developed by Kuzgun (2005), was utilized in gathering data. T test and variance analysis were employed in the analysis. The difference amongst th egroups’ choices were evaluated based on p: 0.05 significance level. Based on the findings, no difference at the p: 0.05 significance level among genders was observed with respectto decision making strategies. In addition, no difference was noted in terms of instinctive, dependent and indecisive decision making strategies when sporting habits and types of sport performe care compared, where as difference is observed in logical decision making strategies. More over, difference was observe damong types of disability and educational status in terms of logical and dependent decision making strategies but not in terms of instinctive and in decisive decision makin gstrategies. Inconclusion, it is imperative to teach disabled individuals the effective decision making strategies and to emphasize the significance of decision making strategies in daily life and in long term. Given the effect of sport in decision making strategies, it is essential t osupport disabled individuals in sporting activities in the course of formal andin formal education.

Keywords: Decision making strategies, Disabled Individual, Sport, Sport among Disabled Individuals