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Sports Law and Sport Integrity in Qatar: Analyzing the Law for Regulating Sports Clubs and other legal instruments in a critical context (Published)

DOHA – QATAR, The universal capital of sport. A new slogan appeared during the last few years in the Qatari media outlets; to indicate the huge interest that the State of Qatar shows in sports and organizing mega sport events at Regional, continental, and universal levels. The slogan become closely realistic by shedding the light on what is going in Qatar during the last two decades. Many regional, continental, and international sports tournaments took place in the small, albeit prosper Qatar peninsula situated in the troubled region of Middle East and the Arabian Gulf. The most important one will take place in November & December 2022, the FIFA™ 22nd World Cup, “Qatar 2022 Mondale”. This interest in sports by the State of Qatar is reflected – to certain degrees – in the development of Qatar’s Sport law instruments, sport management and sport related institutions, and certainly in sport practices, competitions, and an extensive legal framework to ensure and maintain integrity in sport management and practices. This study will briefly trace sport law framework at the Qatari legal system, along with institutions that have jurisdiction in sport management. Finally, the mechanism adopted by Qatar to the settlement of sport and sport related disputes. In so doing, the study aims is not to present a thorough explanation of Qatar sports law, but to emphasis on certain points on the sport law frameworks of Qatar, to highlight the strength and suggest recommendations to improve weaknesses.

Citation: Abdelnaser Zeyad Hayajneh (2021) Sports Law and Sport Integrity in Qatar:  Analyzing the Law for Regulating Sports Clubs and other legal instruments in a critical context, Global Journal of Politics and Law Research,  Vol.9, No.8, pp.1-19



Keywords: Arbitration, FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022™, sport disputes, sport integrity, sport law, sports clubs