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Values and virtues are defined and their relationship explained. Because most values are products of several generations of humankind and experiences, that have stood test of time for their worth, they are often referred to as time-honoured values. There are the core values for individuals, families, societies, communities and nations, which are of extreme importance and must be assured in individuals and groups mentioned above for good success of life and sustainable development. These core values include these derived from spiritual values, which make other values possible and as such, have constituted “a must have,” for individuals, families, communities and nations. This group of core values, represented with the egg yellow in the figures, are described in this paper, as universal values. Besides them, are other equally important values that are in themselves a “must have” to attain outstanding success. These values are represented by the egg white in the figures. They together with the inner core values, make up the core values. Other important values are also listed for individuals, families, communities and nations. These are what are grouped as “other important values,” which are depicted with III in the figures. Values guarantee success in life. They add quality to life. They also add distinction and respect, not only for individuals, but also to families, societies, communities and nations. The universal values must be harvested from the spiritual environment, through kind thoughts, inspiring words and good deeds, which may have to include prayers, meditation in the word and service to God and others around us. With universal values assured, other values will follow suite, so also will success and recognition and all other good things of life needed for sustainable development by individuals, families, societies, communities and nations.

Keywords: FamilyValues, Individual Personality Values, National Values, Societal and Communal Values, Spiritual Environment, Spiritual Values, Sustainable Development, Values, Virtues