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Spirit is the core of the American Dream: An Analysis of Santiago’s struggle in The Old Man and the Sea (Published)

This article is a careful study of ‘spirit’, tireless effort for success, as the cardinal linchpin to lay foundation of the American Dream of a man irrespective of his social class, race, age or religion to lead a life in freedom and to change the life to a particular extent by virtue of which an individual can gain a befitting social recognition and feel ensconced thereby. It also focuses on the struggle through which an individual has to fulfill the American Dream. It shows how the protagonist of The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago, an old American makes indefatigable effort to become successful in securing a place in a competitive society where it is difficult to survive fighting enormous adversity. This paper uses qualitative research strategy counting upon text based analysis to find out the unexplored aspect of the American Dream. Moreover, to facilitate its argument, this paper takes help from published research articles as secondary source. In fact, it challenges the traditional perception that success is the crux of the American Dream, and presents the fact that spirit for amelioration is the core of the American Dream.

Keywords: American dream, Core, Freedom, adversity, amelioration, competitive society, functioning catalyst, spirit

Pasemah Sculptures: Monuments of the Existence and Worship of Ancestor Spirits (Published)

Pasemah is located in Sumatra Island. The region’s geography is commonly mountainous, well known as Pasemah Plateau. There are lots of ancient megalith artifacts there, the medium of which is monolithic-andesitic rocks. The artifacts have been investigated since the era of East Indie and are proceeding till now, but the investigations have been archeological in nature. Thus far, there has been no an in-depth study of the artifacts by using a fine arts study like one that the author conducted in the present research. By library study and supplemented by field observation, it could be found out that the existence of the ancient monuments are connected to their surroundings. The megalith artifacts are visual arts works produced creatively in the time, particularly the statues the beginning of which is strongly supposed to serve as the monuments of existence and then turned to be the media of ancestor spirits worship.

Keywords: Pasemah, ancestor., megalithic, monument, spirit, statue