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Modelling the Impact of Spilled Oil at Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Jetty on Surface Water Quality (Published)

This study was to model the impact of oily wastes discharge and other contaminants to the river at Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Base Jetty. The methodology of the study include review of relevant literatures, field measurement of hydraulic properties and laboratory analysis of physico-chemical parameters of the stream from eight (8) sampling stations covering the dry and rainy seasons. The results obtained from the analysis showed that the DO varied from 2.51mg/l to 4.22mg/l and BOD5 varied from 4.31mg/l to 12.42mg/l along the stream. The re-aeration coefficient Kr of the stream varied from 0.018d-1 to 0.340d-1. The model developed from the values of Kr observed and Kr predicted showed strong correlation with a coefficient of correlation of 0.93. The observed Kwas compared with predicted Kr, Gualtieri, Churchill, Agunwamba, O’Connor and Dobbins,  and Ugbebor which gave standard errors of 0.0404, 0.1290, 0.1860, 0.0451, 0.1868 and 3.1118 respectively.. This showed that the study Kr model performed better than the other Kr models. The self-purification factor of the study river gave 0.36, indicating that the stream is sluggish and polluted. The study recommended close monitoring of discharges and activities at Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Base Jetty.

Keywords: Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, Spilled Oil, Water Quality