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The Impact of Speech Workshop as Curriculum at KKU on Improving Student’s Oral Performance (Published)

The quick speed of the development which is taking place all over the worldrequires quick and great updating in every single part of our life. Indeed employers consistently rank communication skills and techniques as one of the most commonly requested skills in 2021 job posting. Graduating with a high degree for graduate learners will not fit alone with changes taking place in all working areas. The need for holders of effective communicating skills are mostly requested by job employers. They requested skills which are considered to be fundamental and challenging. University students have a great chance to develop the needed skills and strategies through the course of speech workshop as drawn in the conclusion of this research paper. It works on improving the learner’s oral performance through knowing the mean reason of anxiety caused when facing audience and all strategies  and techniques needed starting from knowing how to choice a topic and following up to the point where the speaker draws his/her conclusion safely and successfully.

Keywords: Curriculum, Oral Performance, kku, speech workshops