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Perceived Relevance of Vocational Education to the Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills by Students with Special Needs (Published)

The need to improve performance of persons with special needs in the world of work necessitated this study to determine the perceived relevance of vocational education to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by special needs students. The study adopted a descriptive design. The population comprised fourteen (14) lecturers and ninety four (94) students. The researchers sampled ten (10) lecturers out of fourteen (14) and sixty (60) students out of ninety four (94) students respectively from the Department of Special Needs Education Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri. The instrument for data collection was a 8 item questionnaire. Results revealed that society is not friendly with persons with special needs and that lecturers of special needs student are often truants which distort consistent teaching and learning. It was recommended among others that government should ensure that funds and amenities be made available for special needs students and special education resource centres are well utilized so that teaching and learning would take place in a conducive environment. 

Keywords: Vocational education, entrepreneurial skills acquisition, special needs student.