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An Appraisal of the Development of Special Education and the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) In Rivers State (Published)

This study was carried out to examine the development of special education provision visa-vis the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in Rivers State. The desire of every parent in particular and the society as a whole is to have normal and healthy children. The abnormalities that inevitably occur either by human errors or by natural imposition cannot stop the education of these ones. These abnormalities create sufficient disparities in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective development of children especially when they start schooling at various levels. It is on this premise, that this study is contemplated to assess the development of special education with the view of evaluating its parity in the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. It adopted historical survey method to assess quality education for these categories of learners. Policy provisions as well as an overview of the development of special education in Nigeria. Development of special education and the achievement of MDG in Rivers State way forward, that Government should ascertain the statistics of these persons, fund the education of these persons, enact requisite laws and there should be attitudinal change towards these people both from government and members of the public concerning persons with special needs amongst others.

Keywords: Appraisal, Education, Inclusive Education, Millennium Development Goals, Special Needs Persons, policies