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GIS Approach Delineation of Flood Vulnerable Buildings along River Agboyi (Published)

Managing complex environmental problems such as flood disaster require up to date technology. Much of these disasters can be prevented and reduced through the use of technology such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing. The spatial analytic capacity of GIS is employed to identify the areas and buildings at risk to flood along the Agboyi River in the study area. Different datasets were extracted from satellite imagery (Ikonos) of the Study area. ArcGIS 10.3 and surfer 13.3 were used for the spatial analyses. Buffering, overlay operations, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and 3D Analysis were also conducted. The coordinates used to develop the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) were extracted from satellite imagery using TCX software to depict the topography of the study area in Surfer 13.3. The results revealed that the study area is situated on near uniform lowland with the vulnerable zones located on the lowest part of the plain which is responsible for the high flood vulnerability experience in this area. It can be deduced that the magnitude of the flood hazard of a given area is a function of both the distance to the river and the elevation of the area in question.  It is believed that the result of this research can be used as a means of regulating development along the plain and also serve as a decision support when making policies relating to flood management around the flood plain.

Keywords: Digital Terrain Model and Flood vulnerable buildings, GIS and remote sensing, spatial query