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An Applied Study on the Impact of the Spatial Characteristics in the Mechanisms of Development Theory and Application (Published)

The developmental process basically relies on the criteria of the various types of places disparate levels, that differ regarding their elemental compositions (human and material resources such as economic or social activities or urban), The process can not be achieved via adoption of a methodology or a definite developmental policy for each place, however it varies according to the contents of the characteristics that can be differentiated easily. The spatial differentiation does not have identical possibilities with some of their resources to development and growth on contrary to others that lack the ability to secure even for the required urgent demands. Based on that concept, the development mechanism has been increasingly utilized gradually in several developmental schemes. The Region, containg ( human capacity, investments, equipment, facilities, factories, buildings, and the land quality, etc.) is classified as fixed capital, that has a direct influence in attracting both the new and the  moving capitals , The region reveals a spatial capital that  has the ability to detect  the level and the importance of the new investments with no interference to the  individuals as well as  the community Thus, the spatial organization has been conducted as a long-progressive mechanism,Most of the main facilities should show high levels of durability for a long time that may exceeds many decades (like dams and roads and houses and buildings, ports, airports, and other regional and local infrastructures) that don not have any rapid change and play a major role in facing and disrupting  the changing outpack.whatever its inner dynamic speed and highly contribute in making  the coordination of development and the economic- social changes hardly obtained despite the importance of the projects and investments. The main goal of this study is to obtain a relatively stable balance between the theoretical side and the practical application of development in addition to promoting the necessary mechanisms to establish a highly stable several spatial developments having different levels and characteristics. In this study, we expressed the theoretical side in the identification of the most reliable mechanisms for spatial development and to be applied for each space. It has been concluded that the development plans for regions within their different planning levels should be done by an appropriate decision by the decision-makers in the various levels and away from the centre in the decision.

Keywords: Decenterlazation, Mechanism of Development, Region, Spatial Capital, Spatial Charactristics, Spatial Development