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Maintenance Culture in Academic Libraries of Universities in South West, Nigeria (Published)

This study explored maintenance culture in academic libraries of universities in south west, Nigeria by taking a cursory look at Lagos State University Library, Ekiti State University Library, Ado – Ekiti and Olusegun Oke Library of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso as case studies. Related literatures were reviewed on sub heading that concerns the subject matter. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Fifty (50) questionnaires were distributed to each of the university library sampled for the study making a total of One Hundred and Fifty questionnaires (150) in all. Out of this One – Hundred and Twenty Eight (128) were returned valid. Four point Lickert scale was used to elicit responses and data collected analysed using frequency count and percentages (%). The findings of the research work indicated some causes of deterioration of library materials in south west Nigeria which are characterized by high temperature and humidity, natural ageing, mutilation by users, insect activities among others. Some of the maintenance practices identified in the course of the work as being practiced were careful removal of documents from shelves, binding of torn books, fumigation, photocopying, digitization, mounting of securities to check delinquencies among others. It was revealed that there were lack of constant training and retraining for staff on preservation, no preservation policies, inadequate funding, lack of functional library equipments for preservation and conservation among others. Based on the findings, the study recommended the following: working policies should be formulated on maintenance, training should be organized, open communication should be established between library management and university community, equipment on preservation and conservation of library materials should be procured.

Keywords: Academic Libraries, Conservation, Deterioration, Maintenance, Maintenance Culture, Nigeria, Preservation, South-west, Universities

Assertiveness Training And Cognitive Restructuring Technique On Self-Esteem Of Female Undergraduate Victims Of Relationship Violence In South-West Nigeria (Published)

This study used a pre-test-post-test, control group quasi-experimental design to investigate the effects of assertiveness training and cognitive restructuring technique on self-esteem of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in south-west Nigeria. The sample for the study comprised of ninety female undergraduates students who have experienced relationship violence. They were screened using the Severity of Violence Against Women Scale (SVAWS) and selected through multi-stage sampling technique from three randomly selected Universities (Ibadan, Lagos and Olabisi Onobanjo) in South-west Nigeria. The participants were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. The two treatment groups were exposed to eight-weeks training in Assertiveness and Cognitive Restructuring Training, while participants in the control group received no training. Two validated instrument: Severity of Violence Against Women Scale (SVAWS) and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale were used. Three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Data was analysed using Analysis of Covariance. There was significant main effect of treatment in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in the experimental and control groups (F(2,87) = 43.884, P < .05). Also, there was significant difference in the main effect of age in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence between young and older participants (F (2,87) = 16.808, P < .05). However, that there was no significant interaction effect of age in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in the experimental and control groups (F(3,86) = 0.188, P < .05). Therefore, psychological intervention programmes should be put in place in universities through their counselling centres to help undergraduates rediscover their potentials and develop competence to relate intelligently with others.

Keywords: Age, Assertiveness Training, Cognitive Restructuring, Nigeria, South-west, University