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Depreciation of Understanding Lexicon in Traditional Wedding Ceremony in South Tapanuli, Medan (Published)

This research focuses on the oral tradition performed in the traditional wedding ceremony in South Tapanuli. There is one problem discussed in this research that is the depreciation of understanding lexicon in South Tapanuli.  Oral tradition in the traditional wedding ceremony after being revealed has showing well-implicating manner and politeness rooted in South Tapanuli (Angkola, Mandailings, and Batak). Primary data is collected by recording traditional wedding ceremony and the secondary of data is taken through deepest interview with the subject of the research and other samples. The data are classified into 15 groups, the resulting in 264 lexicon, then the lexicon are shared by 240 respondents representing 40 samples in some cities in South Tapanuli.

Keywords: Depreciation, Moral Values, South Tapanuli, Traditional Wedding