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The Presentation of Sound and Color in English Translation of Tang Poetry (Published)

As the peak of Chinese literature, Tang poetry is also the magnificent pearl of the world literature treasury. Spreading the brilliant achievements of Tang poetry in the context of globalization is of great significance for shaping a good image of China on the international stage. This article selects the literary giant of the Tang dynasty Wang Wei’s poetry as a representative, from the latest English version of Wang Wei poetry, focus on difficulties of the English translation about sound and color in Wang Wei’s poetry, makes an in-depth analysis of the thinking logic and original meaning reproduction in the translation process, in order to provide theoretical reference for the international dissemination of excellent traditional Chinese culture,and promote the exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations of the world.

Keywords: English translation, Poetry, color, presentation, sound, tang

Narrative in Sound: “On the Sea” by John Keats (Published)

With the springing of the postclassical narratology, lyric poetry, which has been long excluded from traditional narratological studies, has aroused increasing attention in recent years. As sound effect is one of the unique stylistic features of lyric poetry, it can be regarded as unique narrative “discourse” of it to tell the “story”. By probing into the acoustic effect of John Keats’ “On the Sea”, this article aims to uncover the narrative represented from the dimension of sound.

Keywords: John Keats, Narrative, sea, sound

Alarm and Light Emitting Diode for Electricity Restoration Monitoring: A Tool to Prevent Energy Wastage in Nigeria (Published)

The power restoration alarm system is a monitoring device that triggers the buzzer and turns ON light emitting diode when the mains supply is restored or available at the cut-out board or unit. This device produces an audible sound and colour lighting which attracts the attention of the electricity user to either switch from direct current supply or connect to the mains. The amount of energy consumed at our homes and offices is measured in wattage. The amount of energy used to actuate the alarm and LEDs is very small when compared to the incandescent lamp/bulb that uses wire/filament. The incandescent bulb uses 5 % of the energy that flows through it to turn ON the bulb and the remaining 95 % is converted to heat energy by the system. This energy that is converted to heat is a huge loss of electricity that is not fully utilized. The monitoring device consumes low wattage and this reduces the energy waste and the wattage billing on the analog and digital prepaid meter. The device will enable the electricity consumer to prevent or reduce energy lost at cut-out unit. Power monitoring and control device for home and commercial networks is becoming important to prevent energy waste for electric appliances. This device is easy to maintain and cost effective when it is properly install.

Keywords: energy waste, incandescent bulb and consumption, indicator, monitoring system, sound