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Overview of the Developmental Situation in South Sudan (2005-2015) (Published)

This study has given much consideration and concern to overview the current developmental situation in South Sudan during 2005-2015. Despite the efforts that have been made for economic development during the period the result did not fulfil the objectives of outset sustainable economic development of the country. Therefore, the basic question of this study that needs to be answered is that why economic development programmes did not succeed during the period 2005-2015? While significant bilateral and multilateral developmental assistance have been donated to the region since the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005; in addition huge financial resources were generated from oil revenues. The key objective of the study is to highlight the role of economic planning as one of the important tools in economic development. The study has relied on combine methodology that comprises from quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. The logic behind this combined methodology is to minimize various defects of each method in data analysis. Different techniques have been used in data collection, among them close-ended questionnaire, focus group discussion, and interview technique. In data analysis, descriptive statistics particularly the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) have been used as a tool to obtain logical and precise results and conclusions. The most obvious results of this study are that scientific and innovative researching can enhance economic growth and development since it could provide the needed information for development; diversification of economic and financial resources through economic integration and sound allocation of economic and human resources can improve the condition of financial resources to finance development. The extreme poverty levels could be reduced through elimination of unemployment and underemployment and creation of job opportunities and social security programmes to sustain and reduce families’ vulnerability; the government of South Sudan expected to pursue powerful policies, strategies and plans to successfully mobilize new private and public investments from local and international financial markets; and to have sound resources management towards fulfilling the desirable sustainable development of the country.

Keywords: Capacity building, Capital Formation, Sound policy