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On The Cultural Context in the Translation of Davis’s Body Shadow and Soul, (Published)

In order to make the readers of English speaking countries better understand the original Chinese masterpieces, the literary works of Chinese language spread to English speaking countries, which involves an indispensable way of translation. Taking the famous Sinologist A. R. Davis as an example, this paper analyzes the interpretation of the work in the source language (Chinese) and the target language (English), and analyzes the cultural context behind it, as well as the Chinese and Western ways of thinking contained in it respectively.

Keywords: Cultural Context, Soul, body shadow, translation

A Critique of Plato’s Arguments in Defence of the Immortality of the Soul in the Phaedo (Marginal Reference) (Published)

This paper attempts a critique of Plato’s arguments in defence of immortality of the soul in the Phaedo. It examines the cyclical argument and the argument from opposites, argument from knowledge as recollection and the argument from the Forms. It concludes that while Plato’s argument on recollection defended an extreme version of rationalism which cannot be defended consistently, the argument from the Forms is shrouded with ambiguity and Plato fails to locate his position on reincarnation within the diverse views in the literature to support the cyclical argument and the argument from opposites.

Keywords: Defence, Immortality, Phaedo, Plato, Soul