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Challenges and Solutions of Acquiring Environmental Teaching and Learning Experiences of OTM Programme in Rivers State Polytechnics (Published)

The study adopted survey research design on challenges and solutions of acquiring environmental teaching and learning experiences of OTM programme in Rivers State Polytechnics.. The population of the study was drawn from CEAPOLY and KENPOLY of NDII, HNDI and HNDII numbered 596 students of OTM programme with a sample of 234 using Krejie and Morgan sampling technique. The research instrument used was “challenges and solutions of acquiring environmental teaching and learning experiences”, (CASAETALE) with a five point scale. The instrument was subjected to face and content validation by three experts. To ascertain the reliability and consistency of measurement, a pilot study was carried on 12 students which yielded 0.97 co-efficient. A total of 234 copies of the questionnaire were administered and 132 successfully retrieved. Mean statistics was used to answer the research questions, Standard Deviation used to find out the extent in which scores clustered around the means and t-test used to analyse the hypotheses. The finding showed that there was very high level of challenges of acquiring environmental teaching and learning experiences and very high level of solutions to those challenges of acquiring environmental teaching and learning experiences of OTM programme. Among other things, it was recommended that government and concerned organizations should make appropriate and adequate teaching and learning environment, facilities and equipment for appropriate environmental teaching and learning experiences to take place in the Polytechnics in Rivers State.


Keywords: Learning, OTM programme, Teaching, challenges of teaching and learning, environmental teaching and learning experiences, solutions

Abolition of Death Penalty in Nigeria: Juristic Issues and Solutions (Published)

Death penalty or capital punishment which simply means the imposition and execution of death sentence on a convicted person under prescribed State Law is no doubt a controversial subject matter. This controversy has led to the emergence of those who support its retention in the country’s statute books and those who want it abolished. The two groups have their compelling reasons. We looked at the laws both statutory and case as well as opinion of text writers and came to the conclusion that there are more reasons for its continuous existence. We however proposed some recommendations aimed at reducing cases where capital punishment must give way to life imprisonment even under the existing legislations in Nigeria.

Keywords: Death Penalty, abolitionists, capital punishment, retentionists, solutions