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Assessing Clinical Solid Waste Management Strategies in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana– Evidence from Three Healthcare Facilities (Published)

The study investigated clinical waste management (CWM) strategies used by the three healthcare facilities in Ghana. Specifically, the study sought to; determine the amount of different kinds of solid waste; evaluate the existing methods for managing clinical solid waste in health facilities; and recommend possible remedial measures to be implemented. The study collected data through field data collection; observation and structured interview. Document analysis was used to triangulate the information collected through observation and structured interviews. The results revealed varying quantities of clinical waste generated and clinical waste compositions. CWM standards and best practices were inappropriately applied for clinical waste transportation, treatment, storage and disposal in two hospitals. Recycling strategy is non-existent. Reasons such as apathy of hospital administrators and waste collectors are attributed to poor CWM in the hospitals. The study recommends adoption of recycling strategy and creation of staff awareness and training on health implications of poor CWM.

Keywords: Clinical waste management (CWM), Healthcare Workers, Sunyani Municipality, solid waste strategy