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Mineral Resources Management Information System (Published)

Proper utilization of mineral resources are essential for the economy of a nation to prosper. However, a promising economy like that of Nigeria with all its potentials has continued to struggle due to mismanagement and overdependence on crude oil and perennial neglect of other mineral resources. Regrettably, it seems that some Nigerian citizens are oblivious of the wealth of their nation, in terms of mineral resources coupled with the fact that Nigeria does not have a known viable and comprehensive database for existing mineral resources, which has led to poor foreign and private investment in this sector. The aim of this research is centred on providing awareness, as well as an avenue for efficient management of mineral resources. In view of the foregoing, the guiding principles of the Rational Unified Process software methodology was adopted whereas implemented was achieved with the use of tools like Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL and HTML. Consequently, the system upon completion, created a first-step solution to the problem of mismanagement, by providing a relatively comprehensive database and an avenue for the management of these resources.

Keywords: Management Information System, Mines, Nigeria, Solid Minerals, resources