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Solar Pv Power Generation: Key Insights And Imperatives (Published)

This paper gives an insight into a key arm of Renewable Energy (RE) – Solar PV (Photo-Voltaic). It presents key definitions, processes and technologies behind the Solar PV power generation process. The literature is clarified in such a way as to ensure a primary understanding of the concept and its processes for anyone willing to key into Solar PV as a clean alternative to electricity power generation. With further deepening of knowledge around this area, acceptability and patronage of Solar PV can be enhanced especially within the country Nigeria, leading to a spiral effect with beneficial implications for competitive/cheaper energy prices, reduced air pollution, improved urban-rural energy accessibility, and reduced global warming and climate change environmental effects. This paper posits that the acquisition of basic knowledge and understanding of the concept is critical, and would influence buy-in and patronage. Ultimately, the prospect of a paradigm shift away from fossil power generation to renewable sources is enhanced.

Keywords: Grid, Renewable Energy, Solar Battery, Solar Inverter, Solar Systems., solar PV

Power Generation Technology with Solar PV-Biogas in Rural Areas of Eastern Java (Published)

Increasing human activity has an impact on energy needs. Electrical energy is the most dominant type of energy used daily. the increase in electricity demand in East Java was due to an increase in industrial activity in several cities in East Java, such as Surabaya, Mojokerto, Sidoarjo. Meanwhile, the electrical energy needs of several rural areas in East Java, such as in Bodowoso, Bangkalan, Sumenep have not been fulfilled due to geographical factors. The solution to fulfillment of electricity in rural areas can utilize the potential of alternative energy, such as solar energy and biogas. The high potential of solar energy and biogas can be used as an energy source for solar PV-biogas hybrid power plants. The aim of the study was to study the application of a solar PV-biogas power plant model in rural areas. The research method of the solar PV-biogas hybrid power plant is carried out in several stages to assess the potential for the application of hybrid power plants in rural areas in eastern Java. The research method uses a 100 Wp solar PV hybrid system model and 1 KW biogas generator set by analyzing the potential of electricity produced on average per day. The results of the study of the analysis of the potential application of solar PV-biogas power plants show the configuration of the power plant model of generating diesel PV-biogas generators produced by solar PV electric power 1.26 KW per day and 1,244 KW biogas generator with a total electrical energy of 2.50 KW / day. Electric energy consumption per family head is an average of 1 KWh / day with the application of a solar PV-biogas hybrid power plant still with a surplus of 1.50 KW of energy, so the model of solar PV-biogas hybrid generator has a good effective and efficient level to be applied in rural Java east

Keywords: Biogas, Electricity generation, Environmentally, Rural, solar PV