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Development of Renewable Energy Farm Produce Drying System using Solar collector (Published)

The renewable energy farm produce dryer is a system which will remove moisture from farm produce in the farm yard. This system will use solar collector to harness energy from the Sun and concentrate it on a drying chamber to remove moisture from the farm produce such as plantain, tomatoes and pepper. The farm dryer have two compartments system. Firstly, heat chamber. The heat chamber is made up of a solar glass collector, reflector foil and a rectangular wooden box. This chamber converts the Sun energy to heat energy. It is mounted at angle of 60o to the drying chamber. Secondly, the drying chamber. The drying chamber comprises of a cuboids, tray and isolating material. This is the chamber where the farm produce is laid and removal of moisture takes place. The heat chamber has an opening at the junction of interface between the heat chamber and drying chamber. This opening allows the flow of heated air mass from the heat chamber into the drying chamber. This system will enable farmers to dry perishable farm produce in the farm yard and preserved farm produce which have off-season to consumers. This will help to reduce food shortage and hike in the cost of such food items.

Keywords: Solar Energy, closed system, heat energy, insulator, reflector, solar collector