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Estimation of suitable field workdays were determined in Bauchi LGA based on soil moisture content and vagaries weather. A ten year metrological weather information were obtained at Federal Ministry of Aviation, Bauchi from 1999-2009. A computer program was written in Visual Basic 2008 to compute daily soil moisture content for the period beginning May to ending October for each of the ten years and apply tractability conditions to the soil moisture balance to estimate good machinery field workdays and days best for tillage. Out of the 184 days working season for each of the years assessed for trafficability conditions, the year (2001) had the lowest suitable workdays (56 days) with 30.43 percent of the total time. The year (2000) had the highest suitable workdays (100 days) with 54.35 percent. The year (2001 & 2008) had the lowest number of best tillage workdays (29days) with 15.76 percent of the total time and the year 1999 had the highest number of tillage workdays (68days) with 36.96 percent

Keywords: Soil moisture, Suitable Field Workdays, Trafficability, Weather

Implementation of Fuzzy Controller to Reduce Water Irrigation in Greenhouse Using LabVIEW (Published)

Plant cultivation in greenhouse is influenced by various factors, such as soil quality, water availability, and climatic conditions. Techniques have been developed either to adapt food crops to their environment or to adjust the environment to meet plant needs. In this paper, a fuzzy controller (FC) has been implemented for monitored drip irrigation duration to reduce water using as variables soil moisture degree and air temperature in greenhouse. Soil moisture degree can be detected by an electronic circuit based on a capacitive probe. The FC permits to irrigate at the right time, when the plant needs water and the soil water is insufficient. Sensors and actuators (pump and solenoid) are installed and connected to a PC via a data acquisition card NI PCI 6221. A graphical user interface was developed using LabVIEW to acquire data and monitor drip irrigation station.

Keywords: Drip irrigation, Fuzzy Controller, Greenhouse, LabVIEW, Soil moisture