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Effect of Extraction Method, Soil Media on Germination and Seedling Establishment of Chrysophyllum Albidum (Published)

This research was aimed at using seed extraction methods, soil media and planting density to enhance seed germination and seedling growth of Chrysophyllum albidum commonly known as star apple. The experiment was conducted in two stages, mature, healthy ripe fruits were used and the seeds were extracted from the fruits. The experiment involves the extraction of uniform number of seeds of pulpled and depulped, planted into the various soil media. Result on planting density also showed that Depulped seeds/ seedlings at (p=0.05), recorded significant increase in germination percentage and seedling growth.  The finding shows that when seeds are depulped, they enhance germination percentage and   addition of poultry manure to the soil media encourages plant growth.

Keywords: Chrysophyllum Albidum, Extraction Method, Germination, Seedling Establishment, Soil Media