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Contrasting tillage systems and wood ash effect on soil chemical properties (Published)

The assessment of the impact of tillage and wood ash on soil chemical properties are needed to identify those with the potential to improve soil nutrients. A field trial was conducted in three different cropping years to evaluate the effect of three tillage methods (mound, ridge, flat) and four rates of wood ash (0t/ha, 2t/ha, 4t/ha, 6t/ha) on the soil exchangeable bases, base saturation (BS) and exchangeable acidity (EA). Results from the study showed that the effect of tillage methods (TM) in all the parameters were significant (P < 0.05) in the 1st year planting season, virtually all were non-significant in the 3rd year planting season. The values obtained from the TM increased in the 2nd year but decreased in the 3rd year cropping season. The values recorded from ridge method was higher compared to mound and flat for all the parameters tested. Wood ash application influenced the exchangeable bases of the soil but the values did not change much throughout the planting period. On the average, exchangeable (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+) nutrient output per year varies among the rates and highest was observed in 6t/ha rate of wood ash (WA). WA increased the values of effective cation exchange capacity (ECEC), base saturation (BS) and decreased the exchangeable acidity (EA) values in treated plots relative to control. The interaction result of TM and WA were very effective on the tested parameters, values increased as the rates of WA increased. Generally, higher nutrient values were observed more in amended plots than the control plots. From the findings of the present study, it is evident that tillage and wood ash when properly managed with appropriate rates improves the soil nutrient status, decrease soil acidity and optimise soil condition for good crop production.


Keywords: Base saturation, effective caution exchange capacity, exchangeable acidity, soil chemical properties, soil exchangeable properties